Doc\'s Pro Plugs Vented
Doc's Pro Plugs Vented
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  • Manufactured by: Doc's Pro plugs

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74% of avid surfers studied had Surfer's Ear
- prevents Surfers ear, also known as exostotis which may lead to costly surgery and deafness

Exostosis (surfer’s ear) is characterized by bony growth within the ear canal caused by persistent irritation of the bone by cold and water. Cold or warm air blowing into a wet ear lowers the temperature due to evaporation which stimulates bony growth. Also the skin’s surface is cooled by conduction, radiation and convection which causes heat loss that triggers bony growth.

Doc’s Proplugs is the only earplug that protects the ears from surfer’s ear by keeping a warm pocket of air in the canal and keeping cold water out without impeding hearing and balance. Anyone with severe narrowing of the ear canal can avoid frequent water blockage by wearing Proplugs, the earplug for sports professionals. Severe exostosis can be prevented from progressing by wearing proplugs and reinforcing consistent warmth by wearing hoods, hats and hair-bands especially when sleeping at night. Once severe exostosis develops and requires drilling,

  • Reduces ear squeeze caused by inability to equalize between the outer and middle ear
  • Helps prevent outer ear and inner ear infection, vertigo and thermal reaction
  • Specially designed for scuba divers

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