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PZ Transport Safety Flag
PZ Transport Safety Flag
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Loads overhanging the vehicle or trailer

Warning devices

If the load (including equipment used to support or retain the load) extends more than 200mm beyond the sides of the vehicle or trailer, or more than one metre beyond the front or back of the vehicle, then you must attach suitable warning device(s) to it.

During daylight you must attach:

  • flags (coloured white or fl uorescent red, orange or yellow, at least 400mm long by 300mm wide)


  • standard hazard warning panels (coloured yellow/green with an orange stripe, at least 400mm long by 300mm wide).

During the hours of darkness, you must have lights on the load:

  • at the rear and facing towards the rear, coloured red (if the load extends sideways or to the rear)
loads overhanging the vehicle

loads overhanging the trailer

Hazard warning panels can be used instead of flags

hazard warning panel
  • at the front and facing towards the front, coloured white or amber (if the load extends sideways or forwards)

During the hours of darkness, the lights must be clearly visible in clear weather at a distance of at least 200 metres.

If the overall width of the projecting load is one metre or less, then place one flag or panel or light at the centre of the load. If the load is wider than one metre, then place a flag or panel or light at each corner of the projecting load.

Note: If your load covers up essential lights on your vehicle or trailer, you must fit temporary lights to your load to make sure you comply with legal requirements. A vehicle lighting retailer or garage can advise you on purchasing and fitting temporary lights to your load.

Maximum vehicle size

Vehicles are allowed to carry loads up to the maximum permitted size (dimensions) for that type of vehicle (provided the vehicle can be safely loaded that way). These maximum dimensions are set out in factsheets 13b Light rigid vehicles (including cars and utes) and 13d Light simple trailers (including caravans, boat and garden trailers).

Oversize (overdimension) loads

Large loads (such as boats and gliders) that cannot be reduced in size to fit within the maximum vehicle dimensions (because they are indivisible) are allowed to be moved on roads as oversize (overdimension) loads. See factsheet 53 Overdimension vehicles and loads for the details of the conditions that need to be met before these loads can be moved.


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