Ex-Demo Barracuda Interface Medium
Ex-Demo Barracuda Interface Medium

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In order to provide customers with a great trail of a potential new kayak, we have hire kayaks. In order to keep the fleet current, and in the best possible condition we sell off ex-demo kayaks from time to time.

To this end we have for sale a good friend and a kayak which is due to be replaced being a medium volume Barracuda Interface.

This is a used kayak but has no major damage and is going to make a paddler very happy.

The interface has the same top deck as a Barracuda Enigma, but has a V shaped hull. (Enigma has the round/flat hull) It steers beautifly with and without the rudder, and is ideal for a pure sea paddler as if paddled on rivers the V hull would get worn.


Now that the paddling public has been spoiled by Barracuda’s light weight high Performance Sea kayaks it is time to move onto the next generation of hull forms that our ultralight technology now lends itself to. What better time to launch the newest Barracuda kayak than in our 20th anniversary year!

The Interface is the results of the flow through effect, taking all the design lessons learnt from the deep vee hulls and the Beachcomber Ultralight and combining them into a user friendly kayak for the majority of paddlers whence the name “Interface”

INTERFACE   DIMENTIONS | Available in Low, Med & High Volume

Length Overall:   5195mm

Width Overall:    575mm

Depth Overall:    360mm    add 16mm for m/v & 35mm for h/v

Weight = 17kg for Small and Medium, 17.2kg large


  • Medium volume:                         70- 90kg

Hatches & Cockpit

  • Front hatch opening:                  275mm x 200mm
  • Rear Hatch opening:                  400mm x 200mm
  • Cockpit opening:              800mm x 415mm


(Based on the medium size.)

  • Front storage compartment:  72lt
  • Sealed glove box:  15lt
  • Cockpit:  170lt
  • Rear storage compartment:  96lt

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