Roofbox Hire - new!!

For those going skiing/snow boarding,kayaking, away for a break or have more gear than they do space in the car to carry it, we have a great solution. We have a Yakima Rocketbox Pro 14 for hire. (see the list of the ones for sale on our website for more information on the roof box) The specifications on the Rocketbox are: Length: 188 cm (74”) Width: 84 cm (33”) Height: 41 cm (16”) CAPACITY: 396 litres The cost is $70 per day for the first day, then $20 per day for each additional day after that. So if you take it away Friday night, and bring it back first thing Monday morn, it would be a 2 day hire costing $70 plus $20 = $90 including GST. If you like the roof box as much as we do and want to purchase one we can see about lending you one until yours is shipped down (pre-booked hires maybe a factor here), and we would put your hire cost toward the purchase price, with a 2 day hire as maximum on this deal.